How it Works
All Transaction Warehouse services are real-time integrated to your billing software. This means that when a customer looks at their account online, or listens to their account balance over the phone, they are obtaining their balance information instantly from your billing system. Our goal is to keep your day-to-day tasks within the boundaries of the billing system you're already accustomed to using. You should not have to entirely manage a second system just to facilitate payments from your customers. Our services require minimal management and do not require you to import and export data to power our system.

We will provide and install and small, stand-alone web service on your billing system server that allows our system to access just the essential data required to bring our services to life. As your customers use our services we will, in turn, be accessing your system. When your customer makes a payment we will use this same access to your billing system to record that the payment was made.

We are not a payment processor.

In fact, we are payment processor neutral which allows you to find the right payment processor for your business. Let's say you have a great relationship with your local bank and you want your payment processing to flow through them. No sweat, just let us know who to talk to and we'll work with both you and your bank to set that up. Or you are upgrading your existing online payment system by switching over to our services but you have gotten so used to using a certain payment gateway. Not a problem, shoot us the credentials to that payment gateway and we'll have you up and running using a process you're already familiar with. What if you simply don't have a payment processor yet? We know a few. We'll find out more about your business and since we are neutral we can honestly refer you to one or two because we know they are the right fit for you. Our services are already compatible with all of the leading payment gateway providers as well as some lesser known and specialty providers and if you want to use one that we are not yet compatible with then we will add it at no extra cost to you.


We use the following services to make Transaction Warehouse better: