Online Payments
The popularity of the Internet is undeniable at this point and your customers are among that demographic. They want faster, more convenient ways to pay their bills and to do so using a payment method of their choosing and they want to use an intelligently designed interface to do it. Your customers are expecting this from your business. Our online payment system gives you what you need to
make your customers happy.


Automatic Payments
Your customers are always on the lookout for ways to cut the amount of time they
spend on mundane tasks like paying their bills. Because the bills you generate for your customers are often varying in amounts it makes it difficult for your customers to
find ways to automate their payments. Our automatic payment system gives your customers a way to enroll in automatic payments and no matter what the amount
of the bill they can trust that it will get paid. read more...


Phone Payments
Let's face it, tons of the calls your business receives are from customers wanting to know how much they owe and trying to make a payment. The closer it gets
to a due date, the more of those calls you receive. Our automated, real-time, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone payment system solves this problem.
For every call your IVR handles that is one less call that your staff has to handle. That's a very real benefit. Your customers want to help themselves and your
staff will love you for giving them some time back to handle their various other responsibilities.